Sheng-Fu Wang (王聖富) bio photo

Sheng-Fu Wang (王聖富)

computational linguistics, phonetics, phonology

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Welcome! I am an assistant research fellow at the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica. I was previously at the Department of Linguistics, New York University, where I received my PhD in September, 2020. My dissertation “Feature systems, inventory structures, and phonological classes” was supervised by Gillian Gallagher.

I am interested in the relationship between speech perception and phonotactics, as well as the typology of phonemic contrasts and inventories. In addition to phonetics and phonology, I also have an interest in natural language processing (NLP), especially in the application of NLP and machine learning tools in answering questions in linguistics.

I am also interested in the interaction between predictability and prosody in spontaneous speech. My works in phonetics mostly focus on Taiwanese (Taiwan Southern Min).

Contact me at shengfu [dot] wang [at] nyu [dot] edu